Monday, January 16, 2012

Welcome to Florida

This past October, 2011, John and I bought a home in Cape Coral, Florida. For anyone unfamiliar with the City of Cape Coral, it is on the Gulf, just above the City of Fort Myers.
Our house is very cute. It is white with blue trim, and it is just the right size for a vacation home. It has two bedrooms, so we can have company, but it doesn't take for ever to clean. We have a lovely swimming pool attached to the house by a lanai.
The lanai is Shane's favorite room. He actually went into the pool on our first or second full day here, but after that, I think that it was even too cold for him. We have had several nights with frost or very close to it. One of our neighbors has a row of Banana trees, and they are not looking very happy right now. I am not sure if they are completely dead or not, but it did get down to 32 degrees here and we covered our Tomato plant so that it would survive. Although some of the nights have been cold(good sleeping temperatures) the days do warm up rather nicely, and most of the days have been shorts and short sleeved shirt weather, so I am

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