Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Today is our first full day on board our beautiful ship, the Eurodam. We had quite an adventure getting here. We started off with the alarm clock going off at 6 am on Sunday morning, which is our usual time to get up. After a long day of finishing up with all of the "loose ends" , we left our house for our friends, the Glassers. They live live in a town near us and we had decided to all leave from their house by limousine. We had told the limousine company that we needed a larger than usual limousine since there would be four adults and all of the baggage four people needed for a twelve day long cruise, and the company said they would send a large vehicle. Well, first we received a phone call saying that the driver was going to be late because he was stuck in traffic near the Patriots football stadium, because of a rock concert. When he did show up, it was in a standard Town car. Not very comfortable for 4 passengers plus a driver and a ton of bags. Needless to say, by the time we got to the air port, we were all very good friends....!
Our flight arrived on time and off we went on our way to London. The seats on the plane were quite uncomfortable. We were in a row of three, and the third person in our row was a man who was almost 7 feet tall. He was having trouble folding himself up to fit in the space available. All you could do was to sort of shift into neutral and hope that the flight went smoothly and Quickly! Eventually we got to extricate ourselves from the plane. We had arrived at Heathrow Air Port! We now had to wait about an hour for the rest of the people coming in to board the ship. Heathrow Airport is about a two hour bus ride from Dover, where our ship was waiting for us, but before we got on the bus, we had a little problem with John's suitcase. When we got down to the baggage claim area, we found all of our bags except for John's suitcase, which had all of my formal wear in it as well as John's suit. We looked and looked for the suitcase and finally decided that it was lost, so John went to the lost and found and told them that his suitcase was missing. It turns out that the suitcase had fallen off of the carousel in a far dark little corner, where no one could see it unless they were looking there for it. That was a large relief! We finally arrived at the dock at about 3 pm. We got settled in our staterooms at about 3:30 and had a lifeboat drill scheduled at 4:15. After that The two of us and our friends, Robin and Alan Glasser came back to our room and had hoursd'ouvres and Champagne, and watched our ship leave it's docking and start on our trip to Denmark, where we will be tomorrow morning. We went to a very nice cocktail welcoming party and then out to dinner. I made it through most of dinner, but before we had finished the main course, I just couldn't keep my eyes open, so it was bedtime for me. I guess that two days without sleep is pushing it for me! We woke up this morning all ready to take on the world again! It really is amazing what a little sleep will do for you! Next entry....Copenhagen, Denmark and the Tivoli Gardens.

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